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whip/flogger rubber

Leather floggers, whips, crops,

canes, bats, and paddles are

available in a variety of forms

and are used in many BDSM

and bondage fantasies. When

used, they cause the blood

supply to rise to the surface,

resulting in the area being

paddled to tingle and glow bright

red, as this spreads it causes

the genital area to be stimulated.

Leather Floggers have

multiple strips and are made

from a variety of materials, such

suede, leather and rubber.

Leather Whips have a single

strand of plain or plaited leather.

The most common forms of these

whips are Stock Whip and Bull

Whip, although there are many

other types used in the bush.

A Stock Whip has a hinged

handle, a Bull Whip has a

continuous plait from the handle

to the cracker at the end of the

whip. These whips vary in length

from 1.2m (dairy whip) to 3m

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