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dildos Doc Johnson

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 Deluxe Strapon + Vac-u-Lok 
 Deluxe Strapon + Vac-u-Lok 

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 Doc Johnson Classic 20cm 
 Doc Johnson Classic 20cm 

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 Doc Johnson Kong 22.5cm 
 Doc Johnson Kong 22.5cm 

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 Doc Johnson Realistic 12.5cm 
 Doc Johnson Realistic 12.5cm 

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 Doc Johnson Realistic 15cm 
 Doc Johnson Realistic 15cm 

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 Doc Johnson Stryker 22.5cm 
 Doc Johnson Stryker 22.5cm 

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 Vac-U-Lock Suction Cup 
 Vac-U-Lock Suction Cup 

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Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result Pages:  1 
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dildos Doc Johnson


"Insertable Toys (e.g. Dildos,

Butt Plugs Vibrators & Gags),

Cock & Ball Toys, Medical

Toys, Bras and Underwear

(both Men's and Women's)

for health reasons will not

be exchanged as these

products cannot be resold

for hygiene reasons. Our

customer's health and well

being is paramount to us

and it is deemed that once

a product has been shipped

from our warehouse it is

used. Please choose


What is a dildo? It is a non

vibrating device, resembling

the penis in shape, size, and

overall appearance. Some

people include vibrating devices

in this definition. Others exclude

prosthetic aids, such as

Some people include items

designed for anal penetration,

such as butt plugs, while others

do not.

Dildos come in various sizes

and can be used by both men

and women.

Early dildos were made of stone,

wood, leather, wax or pottery.

Leather dildos were popular

with some people and were

made with a filler of cotton rag.

PVC dildos with a softer PVC

filler have become popular and

most of the inexpensive dildos

sold today are made this way.

PVC and jelly-rubber toys have

often been found to be

problematic, because softeners

added to many plastics contain

Phthalates, which have been

linked to health problems. These

products cannot be sterilized

and manufacturers recommend

using condoms with these toys

for multiple users.

Silicone rubber dildos are much

more popular, easier to clean

and do not have the

characteristic plastic smell of

PVC. They were expensive

when first introduced, but are

now becoming more reasonably

priced, making them an excellent

choice for the first-time user.

Silicone holds body heat well, is

 an excellent conductor of

vibrations and is also a robust

material that can be sterilized by

boiling or bleaching.


DILDOS image














Metal Chrome Plated Steel or

Stainless Steel dildos are also

available. Users might prefer

steel because of its hardness

firmness, durability, and low

friction, especially when used

in conjunction with lubricant.

The fact that they are heavy

means they can be used to

exercise vaginal PC muscles.

Steel dildos can be warmed

or cooled in water, before use

to elicit a range of temperature

sensations, the also retains

body heat. Metal having a

polished non porous surface

may be sterilized in boiling

water, or in an autoclave.

Glass & Pyrex dildos have

similar features to steel ones.

These toys are solid, not

hollow, and usually made of

borosilicate glass. Glass like

steel may be used to apply

firmer pressure to a female's

G-spot or male's prostate


Dildos can transmit disease

between users and should

never be shared among users,

where this is a concern. This

is particularly true when using

dildos made of porous or

micro-porous materials, such

as most soft synthetics.

Smooth stainless steel or Pyrex

dildos are easier to clean than

non-porous, and are therefore

more easily sanitized, either

chemically or by boiling.

Silicone dildos can also be

sterilized via boiling or washing

with a diluted bleach solution

(10 parts water: 1 part bleach),

then rinsed well. If a dildos is

being used on multiple partners

we recommend to use a fresh

condom on the dildo with each


Some silicone dildos are

incompatible with some silicone-

based lubricants, users should

avoid combining the two without

doing a patch test before use.

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