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Sax 6000 Male Chastity



Sax 6000 Male Chastity

The Sax 6000 is the next level in the range male chastity devices. The new model is much improved over previous models.

The Sax 6000 fits the natural lines of the penis take the time to find the right sized cuff ring and the proper spacing to get the exact custom fit.

The 6000 is supplied with:

Cage 80mm (3 1/4inches) long x 31mm (1 3/8inches) diameter.

5 Rings
38mm (1 1/2inch) ID
41mm (1 5/8inches) ID
44mm (1 3/4inches) ID
47mm (1 7/8inches) ID
50mm (2inches) ID

Chrome Padlock, 5 numbered plastic locks.

Sax 3000, Sax CURVE & Sax 6000

Lubricate the head and shaft of penis with a silicon based gel or lotion prior to wearing any of the devices. Do yourself a favor and always put the product on while in a Relaxed State.

RINGS: When wearing the Sax 6000 rings, pull a little skin through the ring and then insert one ball at a time. Push the penis through the ring. When wearing the Sax 3000 and Sax Curve rings, open the bottom swivel and put them around the ball sack and penis. The Sax 3000 and Sax Curve rings are interchangeable. When wearing the Sax 6000 ring, take the bottom portion of the ring and put it around the ball sack and penis. Insert the top ring with the guide pins. While putting on the other top half make sure to push the penis in a down position while attaching these two pieces. The Sax 6000 parts are not interchangeable with other products.

LOCKING PINS: Insert the locking pin in the recessed side of the rings.

SPACERS: Various sized spacers are provided with the Sax 3000 and Sax Curve so you can find the most comfortable fit. The small spacer goes behind the lock and in front of the ring. The spacers with Sax 6000 are designed in such a way that each spacer fits a particular locking pin.

CAGE: Insert the penis into the cage. Push the penis down in order to avoid pinching when connecting the cage to the ring.

POINTS OF PAIN: The Sax 3000 and Sax Curve Points of Pain come in three different lengths. The points for the Sax 3000 and Curve are interchangeable. The long edge goes towards the ring. They fit on the locking pin between the cage and ring.

After assembling the ring, guide pins, locking pin and spacers to the cage, attach the chrome padlock. Make sure to have a diligent Keyholder!

CLEANING PRODUCT: Use a mild soap and soft type brush (toothbrush) for cleaning. Do Not use household cleaning products.

NOTE: Always take the time to smooth any loose skin around the rings and cage for the most comfortable fit.




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chastity male















They say you "can't keep a good

man down!", but you can keep

him locked away!

The emergence of the Male Chastity....

Unlike female chastity belts, the development of the male chastity

belt or device has been much

easier to follow. It's history is

much more recent and can be

traced through patients records. Between the 1850s and the

beginning of the Second World

War male chastity devices were developed for the purpose of

preventing masturbation which

the Victorian's believed was a

cause of insanity.

It is at this point where we can

see a distinct difference between

male and female chastity belts


The Victorian view of the female

chastity belt was to protect the

wearer from rape, and where

therefore considered as a method

of security.

However male chastity belts

and devices were developed to

prevent "self abuse", "self

pollution", "nocturnal emissions"

and "insanity, imbecility and feeble mindedness" which were

considered to be the natural fate

of any young man with lax moral attitudes!

Today's modern stainless steel

chastity belt was developed

by improving upon the Florentine

design by Hal Higginbottom in the

late 1950s. Since 1958 Hal

produced male and female chastity

belts from his workshop in Sheffield, England, under the brand name of Tollyboy.

His craftsmanship was of excellent quality and his belts were

considered to be the "Rolls Royce"

of chastity belts. It is Hal

Higginbottom who was credited

with bringing the chastity belt into

the 20th Century.

However, due to demand and the increased interest in chastity, Hal

had a long waiting list and his speed

of production seemed slow to the

eager, impatient buyer. With the

demand for chastity belts

increasing others were encouraged

to manufacturer belts. The Tollyboy

design was adapted in the USA

by Jones and Access Denied

(01/07/1997), and in Germany by Neosteel.

Hal Higginbottom became very ill

with respiratory problems, and passed away on 21/05/98. Today

the Tollyboy name lives on with Richard Davies (apprentice to Hal) continuing to produce the

"Florentine" design, made to measure, steel chastity belts for

men and women.

Since the late 1990s the availability

of male chastity devices is much

higher. Major Players have been

Frank & Doris Miller who launched

the CB-2000 in 1998. It was the

world's first easily available

hygienic male chastity device.

The Millers have since gone from strength to strength adding the

Curve to their range for the "larger"

man and in August 2003 introduced

the third design the CB-3000.

World-wide sales of the CB-3000 currently far out weigh any other

single design.

As you will see from viewing our

pages there is now a wide choice

of male chastity devices, with

noticeable differences in design. However, in comparison little advancement has been made to

the female belt, the basic design remain the same.

Male chastity devices are now

readily available from many

specialist on line shops. We recommend that when purchasing

you look for those shops and web

sites, which know something about chastity, and will be able to help

you with any problems you may initially have.

PLEASE NOTE: "Insertable Toys (e.g. Dildos, Butt Plugs Vibrators & Gags), Cock & Ball Toys, Medical Toys, Bras and Underwear (both Men's and Women's) for health & hygiene reasons will not be exchanged. Our customers health and well-being is paramount to us and it is deemed that once a product has been shipped from our warehouse it is used."


This article reproduced by courtesy

of www.chastity-uk.co.uk







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