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Finger Probe



Finger Probe

Stainless Steel Finger Probe by Sin Central UK. Was $239.00

The Finger Probe has a shaft of 16 x 150mm,  a handle size of 30 x 90mm with an overall length of 260mm and weighs 830g.

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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 02 March, 2010.
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butt plugs metal

"Insertable Toys (e.g. Dildos,

Butt Plugs Vibrators & Gags),

Cock & Ball Toys, Medical

Toys, Bras and Underwear

(both Men's and Women's)

for health & hygiene reasons

will not be exchanged. Our

customer's health is

paramount to us and it is

deemed that once a product

has been shipped from our

warehouse it is used. Please

choose carefully."


Rude Boy Black
LOOK no HANDS They said it

couldn't be done! A anal vibrator

and perenium stimulator that is

hands free!

Butt plugs are sex toys that

are designed to be inserted in

the anus and rectum for sexual

pleasure. In some ways, they

are similar to a dildo, but they

tend to be shorter, and to have

a flared end to prevent the

device from being lost inside

the body.

Butt plugs are popular with both

sexes, whether heterosexual

or homosexual. Butt plugs are

pleasurable because of their

stimulation to the anus region.

The main function for men

seems to be to bring pressure

to bear on the prostate gland,

allowing them to provide a

prostate massage. For women,

it has been suggested that it is

another source of pleasure,

caused by stimulation of the

internal parts of the body of

the clitoris.

Objects which are inserted

into the rectum can potentially

travel up into the bowel, to

limit this penetration the end

on a butt plug is flared.

They must also be very

smooth to avoid damaging

the rectum or bowel. In order

to get them into the rectum,

they most commonly have a

general profile of a round

ended cone which then

narrows to a "waist" which

locates itself at the anal

sphincter, with the flared

part outside the body,

As with other anal sex activities,

large amounts of sexual lubricant

and a slow gentle approach is

needed to insert or remove a butt


Butt Plugs should not be shared

with other people, due to the risk

of blood-borne diseases, including

HIV that can arise from the

transfer of body fluids from one

person to another.

Butt plugs come in a variety of

colours, shapes, sizes, and

textures. Some are designed

to look like penises, while some

are ribbed or wavy.

Butt plugs may be made of a

variety of materials. The most

common material is latex, but

many are also made from silicone

and other synthetic materials.

Other choices include neoprene,

wood, metal, stone, and many

other materials. The choice of

materials is largely a matter of

personal taste, although those

who have a latex allergy

certainly would not be wise

to choose a latex butt plug.

There are butt plugs that

"ejaculate" by squirting water

or other fluids into the rectum.

There are also vibrating butt

plugs, and butt plugs that can

inflate and expand. There are

also butt plugs specifically

designed for men to stimulate

the prostate.

Some butt plugs are

manufactured with long hair

or simulated animal tails

attached to the base for use

in human pony play or other

animal fantasy role play.

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